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24th February 2012, 17:24
Switzerland had highest attendence last season, but can they keep top spot this season?
Could only find numbers for Sweden this season.
Attendence in Sweden has raised with 221 person/game currently after 25 home games for each team. That brings Swedens average game attendence to 6381 people which is higher then Switzerland previous season. Will Elitserien in Sweden take over as most attendances league in Europe?
How have situation been in all other countries?

AVG season 2011-12
Frölunda 10 446
Djurgården 7 693
HV71 7 269
Linköping 6 803
Färjestad 6 594
Brynäs 6 168
MODO 6 136
AIK 5 465
Luleå 5 187
Växjö 5 081
Skellefteå 5 039
Timrå 4 482

Avg. Attendence 2010-2011
1. Switzerland - NLA - 6,306
2. Sweden - Elitserien - 6,160
3. Russia - KHL - 5,785
4. Germany - DEL - 5,756
5. Czech Republic - Extraliga - 4,936
6. Finland - SM-liiga - 4,833
7. Austria - EBEL - 3,504
8. Slovakia - Extraliga - 2,462
9. Great Britain - EIHL - 1,861
10. Norway - Get Ligaen - 1,454
11. France - Ligue Magnus - 1,313
12. Denmark - AL-Bank Liga - 1,302
13. Hungary - MOL Liga - 1,207
14. Italy - Serie A - 1,031
15. Poland - Polska Liga - 1,018

Number is of course not everything so it would also be intressting to hear how healthy the fan scenes are in diffrent countrys and teams, this is obviously objective but give it a shot!
Is your league going towards the more commercial modern hockey or have you succed to work against it?
Do you have a healthy fan culture that looks into a bright future or total darkness??

2nd March 2012, 22:45
2011-2012 Ligue Magnus, France: 1,391

8th March 2012, 15:21
Sweden (Elitserien) avg. attendence ended at 6393, the increase was mainly due to Frölunda's more successful year which increased their average with over 1,100 people to a total of 10,482.
Also newcommer Växjö increased with almost 900 compared to the relegated team Södertälje.

Couldn't find any number for other leagues, so please share if you come across any.

2011-2012 Ligue Magnus, France: 1,391
Good to see the interest in France is going in right direction!

8th March 2012, 15:44
Here are the results of the German Jury ;)

Eisbären Berlin 14,062
Kölner Haie 10,494
Adler Mannheim 10,092
Hamburg Freezers 9,077
DEG Metro Stars 4,899
Straubing Tigers 4,781
Krefeld Pinguine 4,496
Augsburger Panther 4,213
Iserlohn Roosters 4,089
Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers 4,071
EHC München 3,863
ERC Ingolstadt 3,839
Hannover Scorpions 3,755
Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg 2,437

Total: 6,002

5th April 2012, 22:25
Attendance figures in European hockey leagues 2011-2012
Top 100 teams

5th April 2012, 22:29
Regular-Season average attendance Europe & Asia

Regular-Season average attendance 2nd-tier leagues Europe

5th April 2012, 22:34
ZURICH – Swiss club SC Bern was the most-attended European hockey team for the tenth consecutive time in the 2011/2012 regular season, which saw a record number of seven clubs reach the 10,000 mark.

The average attendance at the arena that hosted the 2009 IIHF World Championship went down from 15,856 to 15,779, but SC Bern defended its position with a comfortable margin. The Swiss club has higher attendance average than nine NHL franchises this season.

The last time another team than SCB was first in Europe was in 2002 when Kölner Haie from Cologne, Germany, beat the Swiss by a margin of 64 spectators.

In the 2011/2012 season, Europe had for the first time seven clubs that reached the 10,000-fan mark. The previous record was five clubs (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010).

Dynamo Minsk from Belarus claimed second place for the first time, averaging 14,193 spectators. The club brand that existed during the Soviet times returned when the club was revived in 2003.

In 2008 the team from the Belarusian capital joined the Russian Kontinental Hockey League. Dynamo Minsk went from 61st to third place last year following the opening of the 15,000-seat Minsk Arena and overtook Germany’s Eisbären Berlin for second place.

Eisbären was third with 14,073 fans ahead of league rival Kölner Haie (10,494) and Sweden’s Frölunda Gothenburg (10,482), which improved one spot from last season.

The newest team in the “10,000 club” is SKA St. Petersburg. With an average of 10,126 spectators SKA became the first Russian club ever to average a five-digit attendance. Germany’s Adler Mannheim broke the 10,000 mark in the last few games, ending up with 10,018 fans per game.

5th April 2012, 22:41
Other notable facts:

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl averaged 8,961 fans in Russia’s second-tier league, where the club played part of the season following the tragic air-plane crash last September that wiped out the entire team. The number helped “Loko” to stay in the ranking as 11th. Another second-tier team in the top-50 were the Malmö Redhawks (33rd). The city in southern Sweden will host the 2014 IIHF World Junior Championship and has been attempting to get back to the Elitserien since being relegated in 2007.

Salavat Yulayev Ufa sold out every KHL game with 7,950 fans with a little more than nine months to go before the 2013 IIHF World Juniors in the city. The only other club to sell out all games came also from Russia. Amur Khabarovsk from the Far East had 7,100 in each and every home match.

HIFK Helsinki and HV71 Jönköping even had numbers that exceeded their arena capacity, but that was due to outdoor games.

Also the home teams of the 2012 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship venues did well. Jokerit Helsinki improved to ninth place with 9,173 fans while Djurgården Stockholm averaged 7,723 fans and came 17th. The team played three games in the Ericsson Globe and the others in Hovet, the ancient arena from 1955 across the square.

Croatian club Medvescak Zagreb continues to impress with its attendance figures. The club that is currently playing in the semi-finals of the Austrian EBEL league improved its position (12th) and attendance (8,835) to break last year’s record. Impressive for a country with only 437 registered ice hockey players. Thanks to its success the club is being courted by the Russian KHL.

Slovan Bratislava was the club that gained the most places in the ranking, improving from 114th to 36th. The club from the Slovak capital averaged 5,907 fans after moving back to their rink. The arena was torn down and reconstructed prior to the 2011 IIHF World Championship. With this number Slovan was also ranked two spots above arch-rival HC Kosice. Another big jump was done by the Växjö Lakers (112th to 49th) that played in the Swedish top league for the first time.

There are even two third-tier clubs in the top-100, both from two German cities that used to play in the DEL until recently. The Kassel Huskies had to restart with their amateur team in the fourth tier after bankruptcy in 2010, but went up to Germany’s third tier, Oberliga, and averaged 4,293 fans in the regular season. Putting it in perspective: That’s more than the three KHL teams in Moscow average. Kassel’s destiny is shared by another team from the Hesse state. The Frankfurt Lions were re-launched as Löwen Frankfurt and played in the same Oberliga division, averaging 4,056 fans.

While the top spot is occupied by a Swiss club for the tenth straight time, the Swedish Elitserien claimed back the title of the league with the highest average attendance.

The attendance of the Elitserien clubs rose from 6,160 to 6,385 (+3.65%) while it went down by one to 6,305 in Switzerland’s National League A.

Leagues also swapped places below the top two. Germany’s DEL surpassed the Russian KHL and is now third with 6,060 fans (+5.28%) while the Russian league averaged 5,891 fans (+1.83%).

The Finnish SM-liiga improved to fifth place with 5,103 fans (+5.59%) overtaking the Czech Extraliga that averaged 4,824 spectators (-2.27%).

Four European leagues have attendance figures that are only behind the NHL, but ahead of the American Hockey League, the second-best attended league in North America.

An encouraging fact is that the numbers increased in ten of the 13 best-attended leagues in Europe (Sweden, Germany, Russia, Finland, Austria, Slovakia, Great Britain, Norway, France, Belarus) while the numbers were virtually unchanged in Switzerland and Denmark, and dropped only in the Czech Extraliga.

The best attended club team in the world are again the Chicago Blackhawks with 21,525 fans, followed by the Montreal Canadiens with 21,273. The AHL’s Hershey Bears are the best-attended minor-league team with 9,780 spectators per game while the QMJHL’s Quebec Remparts are by far the best-attended junior team, averaging 10,525 fans.

The Asian team with the highest average attendance were Japan’s Nikko Ice Bucks with 1,466 spectators. The Asia League comprised of teams from Japan, Korea and China averaged 1,024 fans, a number that’s behind the top leagues of 13 European countries, but before Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine.
Martin merk

6th April 2012, 18:03
Impressive to see sucha great numbers and that almost every league presents better numbers then previous year. Even though it is easier then ever to follow the games from tv and streams.
My prediction is that within few years will Germany take over first spot, that is how they rule.

9th May 2012, 19:18
Avg attendance in Denmark for 11/12: 1489
PO: 2382

Vojens/SønderjyskE raised our avg attendance this season to 2541 from 1990 last season, mostly because of new Arena :)

8th September 2012, 17:13
Season tickets sold in Sweden so far,how about in other countries?

AIK -1800

14th November 2012, 18:24
Frölunda 8 747 -1580
HV71 6 753 -50
Linköping 6 390 -28
Brynäs 5 986 -73
MODO 5 976 +89
Färjestad 5 947 -389
Luleå 5722 +432
Skellefteå 5 192 +138
Växjö 4 998 -91
AIK 4 543 -687
Timrå 4 512 -3
Rögle 4 193 +1031

average now 5712
average last season this time 6324

Big loss in attendance in the Swedish areans this season. over 600 people less if you compare the first 20 games from last year..

Will Switzerland take back the most attendanced league this season?

Obstruction Hooking
14th November 2012, 18:59
SM-Liiga Before EHT in Turku

# Team Games Attendance Usage of capacity
1. Jokerit 9 10309 76,3 %
2. HIFK 10 7010 85,5 %
3. TPS 11 6629 56,1 %
4. Kärpät 10 6161 93,2 %
5. Tappara 9 5534 72,8 %
6. Blues 11 4773 68,0 %
7. Ilves 11 4701 61,9 %
8. Ässät 10 4610 71,3 %
9. Pelicans 10 4416 79,9 %
10. Lukko 10 3937 72,9 %
11. JYP 10 3909 86,9 %
12. HPK 10 3885 72,5 %
13. KalPa 10 3840 75,8 %
14. SaiPa 11 3791 78,6 %

There's some games played after that but i was too lazy to update :P

14th November 2012, 19:43
very nice +1000 average for SM-liiga

As it looks like now, Sweden can drop from best attendance in Europe to 5th.
What have happend?
one big reason is Djurgårdens relegation and loss of Stockholm derby..

Last season
1. Sweden 6,385
2. swiss 6,305
3. Germany 6,60
4. Russia 5,891
5. Finland 5,103

21st January 2013, 18:46
Regular review about attendance of the ice stadiums in KHL, Europian ligues and AHL. Translation from russian into english by machine translation, but I think you will understand information in tables in russian language.


21st January 2013, 20:31
Regular review about attendance of the ice stadiums in KHL, Europian ligues and AHL. Translation from russian into english by machine translation, but I think you will understand information in tables in russian language.


Thanks for the link, interesting reading.
As said, Sweden been struggled with bad numbers this season but if "right" teams qualify from 2nd league this year we will see better numbers next season for sure. We have some "none interesting" teams in highest league now...

22nd January 2013, 11:04
"Right" or right teams? ;)
Good clubs can heighten interest of the second division. It isn't so bad for swedish hockey. Also take into consideration such persons as Patrik Berglund.

6th May 2013, 19:23
Top 5 attendance League season 12/13
Sweden drops from 1st to 4th. Temporary drop or is Switzerland in top to stay?

Top teams.
As usual is SC Bern nr.1. Germany 3 teams with over 10,000 attendance. Will we see Germany as top attended soon?
Germany 3